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Our Heart Has A Brain


Our hearts have intelligence ~ they don’t just “feel”, they “know”.

At the Heart Institute, Heart Math leaders, Howard Martin & Deborah Rozman are making discoveries of the how & why our hearts have this intelligence.

It has been proven that our hearts have over 40,000 neurons that talk to our cognitive brain.

Our heart is a source of wisdom and connection. Our heart actually receive information and then communicates this information to our brain.


Heart Rhythm Coherence is when the heart & the brain & the body are in sync.

When this occurs we become empowered.


Try this exercise to create heart rhythm coherence:


Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, then take 4 or 5 deep slow breaths. Put 2 fingers on your chest at your heart area. Envision that you are breathing into your heart ~ this will result in synchronizing your heart with your brain and your body which will enable you to feel connected and in harmony.



Be In Joy


What does Joy mean to you?

It means many things to me, watching my children playing and laughing when they were little. Now they are adults, I find joy is the great conversations we have.

Spending time with my friends ~ going for coffee or lunch.

How do we keep joy in our lives?

Robert Holden who has written books such as Be Happy & Loveability says we should make this affirmation every day:

“Today I will follow my joy”. In his online course “A Daily Dose of Happiness”, he says that happiness or joy is good for you and it’s good for everyone else too. It helps you and others be friendlier, more loving, forgiving and kind.

Wow – that’s pretty good! A daily affirmation about being joyful!

So how do we be joyful and stay joyful?

I find being grateful helps me stay in a state of joy.

And it’s being grateful for small things ~ like the sun is shining or I found a great parking spot on a busy street.

Of course I’m grateful for the big things in my life too ~ like my home and my wonderful husband. But sometimes we take these for granted, so it’s always a good reminder to thank those who  make our lives joyful.

Being of service ~ how do we do that?

  1. Smiling at strangers . . . . wherever you meet them
  2. Helping anyone who needs something . . . a door opened, groceries carried
  3. Saying thank you and giving a compliment ~ sincerely meaning what you say

Having positive thoughts, changing my negative thoughts to positive ones.