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Our Heart Has A Brain


Our hearts have intelligence ~ they don’t just “feel”, they “know”.

At the Heart Institute, Heart Math leaders, Howard Martin & Deborah Rozman are making discoveries of the how & why our hearts have this intelligence.

It has been proven that our hearts have over 40,000 neurons that talk to our cognitive brain.

Our heart is a source of wisdom and connection. Our heart actually receive information and then communicates this information to our brain.


Heart Rhythm Coherence is when the heart & the brain & the body are in sync.

When this occurs we become empowered.


Try this exercise to create heart rhythm coherence:


Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, then take 4 or 5 deep slow breaths. Put 2 fingers on your chest at your heart area. Envision that you are breathing into your heart ~ this will result in synchronizing your heart with your brain and your body which will enable you to feel connected and in harmony.