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Course Descriptions

Please see descriptions below for a list of course descriptions. For up-to-date dates, check out the course calender!

Introductory 2 Step Workshop

Join me for this 2 step workshop and learn some strategies that will increase your energy, expand your self-awareness and empower you to make these positive changes in your life.

Course Content:

Week 1:  Energy Balance – Vertical Fields
Week 2:  Energy Balance – Horizontal Fields
The course cost is $275 (which includes the course material, Flower Essence Repertory). This amount is due when registering for this workshop.

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Enhance Each Day – Make Daily Adjustments to Your Energy Aura

Using the Flower Essence Repertory, you will learn how to make daily adjustments to your energy aura. You will acquire the tools to determine which flower essences you need to make these changes in order to ehance your daily energy vibaration. In addition, you will receive information regarding other flower therapies.

The course cost is $175 (which includes the course material, Flower Essence Repertory). This amount is due when registering for this workshop.

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Additional Workshops

We are pleased to offer additional sessions! These courses are designed to help you continue your Vibrational Healing journey.

Course Content:
  • Energy Balance – Vertical & Horizontal (Fields 10, 11, 12)
  • Past Life Times
  • Belief Systems
  • Energy (Spiritual) Body
  • Centre, Main, and Core Channels
  • Main Energy Channels
  • Sensory Energy Channels

Cost: $125 per class

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Balance Your Emotions Holistically

Using dõTERRA Essential Oils and the Bach Flower Essence Guide, in this workshop you will learn how to create balance on all levels ~ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Cost: $149 – includes 6 essential oils kit and handouts with descriptions of how the oils and their matching flower essences will improve your health.

Date: Yet to be determined

Venue: Pioneer Wellness Centre ~ #1 – 534 Pioneer Crescent, Parksville, BC


Permelia Parham Practitioner, Vibrational Healing

Trish Scoular Counselor (RPC), Love From The Inside

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Law of Attraction Mastermind

A Mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals who have a common purpose for success (their own or their group’s). We will study the concepts of the Law of Attraction and how they can be applied personally or in business.

This is  6 week course ~ meeting Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8:30pm

The next Mastermind class starts September 26, 2018

Cost: $295

Venure: Pioneer Wellness Centre ~ #1 – 534 Pioneer Crescent, Parksville, BC


Barb Ashcroft, RBC Life Sciences

Permelia Parham, Vibrational Healing

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Emotion Code Presentation at Infinity Gifts.

Twice a month I will be talking about The Emotion Code at Infinity Gifts, 124 Craig Street in Parksville. The 2nd Tuesday and the last Saturday in June and July from 1Pm to 2:30pm. See the Course Calendar for the dates.

The Emotion Code is an amazing healing modality that was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Stop by Infinity Gifts for a complementary session. Find out what ‘trapped emotions’ are keeping you from being the best you can be.

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