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We all have an Energy Field (aura) with energy moving through and around us with specific vibrations. Each person has different vibrations that can become blocked through negative thoughts, words, feelings and actions. If these blocks are not removed, they will eventually manifest as disharmony in our physical bodies. When you change the vibration in the blocked energy, the cause will no longer exist. Vibrational Healing occurs when our physical energy and our soul energy are in balance. I invite you to explore this website’s offerings:

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New course offering: Enhance Each Day – Make Daily Adjustments to Your Energy Aura

Using the Flower Essence Repertory book you will learn how to make daily adjustments to your energy aura. You will acquire the tools to determine which flower essences you need to make these changes in order to enhance daily your energy vibration. In addition, you will also receive information regarding other flower therapies.

To see this and other course listings,click here!

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