Author: Permelia Parham

A Joyful Life

Joy means something different to each person.

What does Joy mean to you?

How do you find Joy in your life?

Robert Holden has written many books on the subject of Joy and he suggests we state this affirmation every day: “Today I will follow my joy”.

How do have a joyful life?

Let me know what you do to find Joy and a Joyful life.

I find being grateful helps me stay in a state of Joy.

How will you finish 2020?

The year 2020 will be written into history in many different ways.

How will you write what you experienced this year?

I choose to look at the positive aspects:

  • I got to slow down and be more reflective
  • I learned that family and friends are most important
  • I learned to communicate in different ways
  • I read more books
  • I cooked more meals
  • I took more time to just BE

And . . . I will continue in this way until the end of the year.

Let me know how you will finish out this year?

It’s Summer 2020!

It’s Summer 2020!

How is your summer so far?

Are you doing ‘summer’ differently this year?

The summer of 2020 will historically be one of less travel, less family and friends visiting, less events like weddings and family reunions.

I am staying home this summer and not travelling to visit family and friends.

I am grateful and blessed to live on Vancouver Island.

My home is 3 blocks from our community beach.

I’m going to enJOY my sunshine beach walks, beach picnic dinners and take time to breathe in the wonderful sea air.

What are you doing this summer?

Let me know by leaving your comments at the end of this blog.

Let’s connect and chat about how you are “doing summer 2020 differently” this year.

A Changed World


How Are You Doing?

How are you coping with being physically distant from your family, friends and colleagues?


Your life has definitely changed and it wasn’t your choice.

Are you able to appreciate this is a new way of living?


Here are some ideas to stay calm and grounded as you adjust to this ‘new normal’.

  1. Create a new daily schedule
  2. Practice being grateful for all the good things in life
  3. Read books by inspirational authors
  4. Practice yoga and mediation
  5. Take daily walks
  6. Watch the news to keep informed, but minimally
  7. Take time to connect with family, friends and colleagues by the phone or email or text


It is a challenging time and you will get through it with the help of family, friends and community.


Let me know your ideas on staying calm. Leave your comments at the end of this blog.


Your Life is Now! EnJOY it!


What is Heart Coherence?


Heart Coherence occurs when there is communication between the rhythms of your heart and the rhythms of your brain.


YES ~ your heart has a brain. Your heart has intelligence ~ it doesn’t just “feel”, it “knows”.

It has been proven that your heart has over 40 thousand neurons that talk to your cognitive brain.

Your heart is the master coordinator of the rhythms in your body. It is a hormonal gland that produces just as much oxytocin and serotonin as the cognitive brain.

We’ve always been told that our cognitive brain tells our heart what to do ~ well apparently that is not true. Our hearts tell our brains what to do through blood pressure waves and electromagnetic fields.


At the Heart Institute  in California, Heart Math leaders, Howard Martin & Deborah Rozman are making discoveries on the how & why our hearts have brains.

The truth is your heart receives information first and then communicates it to your brain?

Your heart is a source of wisdom and connection.


This is Heart Coherence.


Being in Balance


Are you in Balance?


What is Balance?

The dictionary definition is: a mental or emotional steadiness; to bring in harmony or proportion.


How do you keep yourself In Balance? How do you sustain a mental or emotional steadiness? How do you maintain harmony in your life?


I love this quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer.

“The single most important tool to being in balance is knowing that you and you alone are responsible . . .”


Here is another great quote from the painter Thomas Kinkade:

“Balance, peace and joy are the fruits of a successful life.”


I believe having balance in my life is very important. Each day I give myself “me time” in the morning to do yoga mediation, spiritual reading and study. Taking time to ease into my day helps keep the rest of my day In Balance.


Reply to this blog and let me know how you keep balance in your life.





What does FAMILY mean to you?

Especially at Christmas?


Family to me is of course my immediate family ~ my Husband, my 2 Daughters, my Son and my Daughter-in-law, my 2 Stepsons and now I can add Granddaughter and Great Grandson.

My Sister and her Daughter, my Niece and her Husband and 3 Daughters, my Great Nieces.


But family is more to me than who we are related to by birth, blood or marriage.

I consider my best friends as family ~ they are a great support to me.

I have business acquaintances who are like friends ~ they support me in my business and I support them in theirs.


One definition of Family is ~ those who accept you no matter who you are, where there’s no judgment and where there is only unconditional  love.


I like that definition and especially unconditional love.


From my Family to your Family 

We wish you a very Merry and Joyful Christmas


Always Remember


Remembrance Day has always been a very significant day in my family.

My maternal grandfather, Frank Goddard served as a soldier at Vimy Ridge in World War I.

My father, Edward Parham, was a sailor for the British Navy in World War II and also served in the Korean War twice for the Canadian Navy.


For the last few years on November 11th, my sister, her daughter (my niece), visit our parents and grandparents graves to remember them and thank our father and grandfather for their service so we can live in a peaceful country.


We also thank our mother and grandmother because they stayed at home looking after the children and kept the home ready for their husband’s return from the wars.


Here are a few facts about Remembrance Day:

  • It was first observed in 1919 throughout the British Commonwealth. It was originally called “Armistice Day” to commemorate the armistice agreement that ended the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m. — the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
  • Every year on November 11, Canadians pause in a moment of silence to honour and remember the men and women who have served, and continue to serve Canada during times of war, conflict and peace.


Here are a few facts about The Poppy:

  • The poppy is the symbol of Remembrance Day.
  • The poppy became widespread in Europe after soils in France and Belgium became rich in lime from debris and rubble from the fighting during the First World War. These little red flowers also flourished around the gravesites of the war dead.
  • In 1915, John McCrae, a doctor serving with the Canadian Artillery, famously made note of this phenomenon in his poem, In Flanders Fields.
  • On Saturday November 9, 1918, two days before the Armistice, Moina Michael was on duty in the reading room where she read John McCrae’s poem. After reading it, Moina made a personal pledge to always wear the red poppy of Flanders Fields as a sign of remembrance and for “keeping the faith with all who died.”
  • In 1920, Anna Guérin (the French Poppy Lady) was inspired by Moina Michael’s idea of the poppy as a memorial flower and felt that the scope of the Memorial Poppy could be expanded to help the needy. In 1921, Madame Guérinvisited Canada and convinced the Great War Veterans Association of Canada (predecessor to the Royal Canadian Legion) to adopt the poppy as a symbol of remembrance in aid of fundraising; which it did on July 5th of that year.
  • Today, the Poppy Campaign is one of the Royal Canadian Legion’s most important programs. The money raised from donations provides direct assistance for Veterans in financial distress, as well as funding for medical equipment, medical research, home services, long term care facilities and many other purposes.


Let us all remember and be grateful for those brave men and women who served in order for us to live in a peaceful country.





During the Fall and Christmas Holiday Seasons we do a lot of sharing.

This time of year is special and it makes me think of all the things we share:

  1. Meals together
  2. Time together
  3. Gifts
  4. Our homes with family and friends

It is a wonderful feeling to enjoy these activities with others who enjoy them as well.

I love to spend and share time with family and friends who we are not able to visit regularly. Making time to spend an afternoon or evening with them is very special.



Being grateful is very important.

Here are some great quotes:

~ Have an Attitude of Gratitude

~ Gratitude changes everything

~ I am grateful for all that I have. For all that I am, and for all that is.

~ Brené Brown says, “There is no JOY without gratitude.”


Gratitude has a high energetic vibrational frequency.

How do you practice gratitude?



Setting an Intention


September is a great time to set or re-set our Intentions.


What are Intentions and do you set them?

Firstly, what is an intention?

The dictionary definition is: mentally determining to carry out an action or actions in the future.


To me setting an intention is a very powerful.

Lynne McTaggart in her book, The Intention Experiment describes events where people come together in violent areas of the world to set an intention for peace with amazing results.

Now that’s powerful!


Dr. Wayne Dyer says: “Our Intention Creates Our Reality”.


Setting an intention is being clear and focused. “Energy Flows where Intention Goes”.

Setting an intention with myself daily keeps me focused on the positive aspects I want in my life.

For example one of my intentions is to live my life to the fullest ~ often that doesn’t come naturally. I need to set my focus on this intention.


For me that means being engaged in life; being curious about people and events; to really listen to those I interact with; being present in the moment.


Setting an intention is awesome ~ that’s the easy part. Putting the intention into action ~ that is where some work is required.

I believe the work is worth it. I live a very fulfilled life and it is due to setting clear intentions.


I love this quote: “Intention + Action = Magic”

I don’t know about you, but I do believe in Magic ~ I love having magical things happen in my life!


I’ll share with you the intention I set for my day ~ I say this every morning at the end of my morning yoga meditation ~ “I set the Intention that my day will flow with ease and grace, joy and peace, love and abundance.”

So why not try it ~ set an intention and have a magic in your life!