I just wanted to let you know that something very major has shifted in me.  I really believe it has to do with the prenatal “unworthiness” that was trapped. Years of therapy of every kind imaginable and I was never able to shake a deep feeling of “what’s wrong with me” in fact I would catch myself repeating it to myself in my head many times in a day. Nothing has ever touched that feeling or resolved it. Finally, it’s gone!!!!  The feeling behind the words is gone. Now I feel it my soul, spirit, body, every part of me.  That there is NOTHING WRONG with Me. I feel a certain lightness and joy today.  And I know this is just the beginning. Thank you from the depths of my being.



I had a chronically sore upper back over a period of about 3 months. It was constantly sore and would get worse at night and after sleeping. The pain radiated up my neck and affected my jaw, activating a TMJ condition and giving me headaches. I did lots of emotion code and body code work on it and while it would improve slightly, it would always come back.  I had one session of Body Code with Permelia and was surprised with what needed to be released. After that session it was almost completely better. It continued to improve over several days and now, some time later, there is no pain, tension or discomfort. Thank you Permelia for the great work. This was a serious nagging problem that needed outside intervention.

~ Mike


I want to thank you for relieving so many emotional difficulties I had collected for so long. I am happy to tell you that my longing for my lost love has almost disappeared. I am a happier woman and not angry like I was. You have done so much good for me. I still have anxiety but I deal with it. 

May the Universe and its angels bless you.       ~ Maud


I have done a lot of different types of healings from various practitioners but I felt that I was still stuck with trapped emotions that were ingrained into my psyche.  Permelia helped me to release trapped emotions.   I participated in guiding the sessions because Permelia asked what I wanted to work on at the beginning of each session. Having to think about what I wanted to work at in each session helps to guide the session and what is being released.  Totally amazing.I feel like I made some headway by releasing all of these trapped emotions.  I feel great and I feel like things are moving forward. I feel like I am a much calmer person, feeling worthy of the good things coming my way and I am on my way to being independent, sovereign and free.

~ Aboriginal Spirit


This was my very first experience of having a Body Code session. I was familiar with Emotion Code and assumed Body Code would be similar. They were similar, although, having a Body Code Session is much more involved because my entire body was treated. Trapped emotions can cause problems in the body, so I was excited to try a treatment since I have some dysfunction in my body. The correlation of stuck emotions resonated with difficult times in my past. I felt grounded and comfortable after treatment. However later that day I felt like had been through the ringer. I felt emotionally beaten up. I slept blissfully and woke feeling great the next morning. Thank You Permelia for a truly wonderful experience.

~ Doreen H


I want to thank you for my Body Code session. I can’t put into words how amazing the results were, but one thing that was truly astonishing had to do with my broken ankle. You sensed that I had a “disconnect” between my right ankle and right foot (not knowing it was my right ankle that was broken). The negative energy was expelled. A week later I got my cast removed and they took x-rays. The doctor said my bones had already fused and were healing wonderfully! Also…my foot didn’t hurt anymore. At all! Not only have I already begun to heal emotionally, but I’m healing physically as well. There are not enough words to describe my appreciation.

~ Val B


My Body Code session and experience with you was profound!  I started out the day feeling good. Then around the afternoon I felt I had to cry? I took my tea and went to the nearest lake, took off my sandals and walked into the lake up to my knees and cried! I felt a big release come over me! It was telling me it is okay to be by myself and not need a man right now! I had a fear that no man would love me and I would be lonely! Now I feel comfortable being alone getting to know me. Self-love! All my life I wanted a man to love. Now I feel fine just the way I am and to allow what happens to HAPPEN! Thank You Permelia for this experience on how to love me first so I can Love better later!

~ Yvonne P


I have been working with Permelia for 6 months on a weekly basis. When she first introduced me to her unique form of healing, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I believe in the power of intention and the law of attraction and subtle layers of who we are, but this format of healing was new and unique to me. And I was curious if this modality would have physical, emotional and energetic benefits. After our first session, I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted. I wasn’t sure if that sensation was Permelia’s naturally caring and positive vibe, or the healing technique, or a combination of both, but I was pleasantly surprised that I felt better! And as the weeks went on, I could physically and energetically feel the benefits of both the Emotional Healing and Body Code techniques. To give a more concrete example, I have suffered from severe menstrual cramps since the day I first had my moon cycle, when I was 13 years old. Every month I have to brace myself and take pain killers (and I really don’t like to) to cope with the pain. I have tried everything under the sun – East & West – and I have not found anything with lasting benefit. Last month, on the first day of my cycle I had a session with Permelia. After the session, to my surprise, I did not have to take any pain medication. We found that there was a disconnect between my brain and my ovaries. And after the connection was made, I went the whole day pain free! It felt like a mini-miracle. Because of this example, and many others, I highly recommend Permelia as a healer and guide. It is surprising to uncover all of the trapped emotions that we carry, and to have a special person who can hold you through the process, is deeply healing.

~ Andrea C.


When I first met Permelia I felt drawn to the work she does with the “Emotion Code.” But it wasn’t until the second time I met her that by synchronicity I got to make an appointment with her . . . the soul knows when the right timing is. Today, I am so grateful. The sessions took place in a very stressful time in my journey, a transition. I have been in my awakening journey for the past decade, a healing artist and just starting to work with energy, theta healing as well. The Emotion Code sessions with Permelia have taken me to another level in my own journey. The sessions took me deeper into my own truth of what was going on for me. It was fear, fear to be living in the street. In truth I have no idea what life has for me in the next months, but for now my heart has already felt the turmoil I needed to release and I am feeling more at peace. I highly recommend working with Permelia. In gratitude. Thank you. Much love to you Permelia,

~ Ina N


I had an Emotion Code session with Permelia Parham and what she told me BLEW my mind… and gave me insights into myself that I never understood before… book a session with her… it’s enlightening.

~ Marsha V


I had an Emotion Code session with Permelia last week and it was incredible. I feel amazing and highly recommend this for everyone.

~ Jodie S (Australia)


Permelia has been working with me for several weeks now. We have been addressing several of my issues – both physical and emotional. I have noticed definite improvement in all of the areas that we have addressed. For example, I was having recurrent lower back pain. In the past, this would have lasted about 6 weeks. With Permelia’s help, the pain was largely gone after the first day, and totally gone in a week. I was refilling my med packs today and realized I forgot to take my pain med today. Normally, the pain would have reminded me. Maybe I won’t need it any more! I don’t know how it works. All I know is that it does work. I would mostly heartily recommend Permelia to anyone.

~ Female Client


My emotion code session was incredible. I didn’t know what to expect and when I left, I noticed a big shift later that day. I felt like a creative fountain opened up in me and I was glued to pen and paper to capture my ideas. I have no doubt that I released what I needed to at that session with Permelia. I believe the more open you can be, the more you will receive . . . don’t believe me, try it yourself.

~ Rhonda A


Thank You Permelia for my Emotion Code session. I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I came in with a question. Not only did you answer it, you validated what I have been feeling all my life.  Having this validation has set me free from the carrying issues that no longer serve me. I honestly felt lighter at the end of the session.

~ With gratitude, Janet G


My experience in working with Permelia to stop my teeth grinding at night was extremely positive. I noticed changes from the emotion code work immediately. I have worn a night guard for many years and after 2 sessions I no longer need one!  Permelia is so kind and caring in her manor. She was amazing with her follow up care, ensuring that there was an excellent outcome.  I would highly recommend Permelia.

~ Female Client


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a past life healing from Permelia.  I found her to be very warm and personable, which created a relaxing environment where I felt safe and understood.  Permelia worked with me to come up with some very effective after care activities.  The treatment and after care left me with a significant reduction in anxiety and guilt.  A month later and I am still enjoying the results of my session.

– Laura M.

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