about vibrational healing

Vibrational Healing occurs when your physical energy and your soul energy are in balance. When your physical body and your emotional body are in sync.

You have energy moving through and around your body with specific vibrations. The vibrations of each person’s energy are different. These vibrations can get blocked through negative thoughts, words, feelings and actions. If these blocks are not removed they will eventually manifest as a disharmony in your physical body (illness).


When you change the vibration in the blocked energy, the cause can no longer exist. Healing can and does occur when your physical body and your emotional body are in balance.

The Body Code Healing Modality

The Body Code is a healing technique that assists in identifying imbalances and disconnections in the body ~ including Unprocessed Negative (Trapped) Emotions.

The Body Code process will release these imbalances, disconnections and trapped emotions to provide better health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Offer: Complimentary 15 minute information session to explain how The Body Code healing modality releases unprocessed negative (trapped) emotions. Call (250) 240-2656 for an appointment.

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