What is Heart Coherence?


Heart Coherence occurs when there is communication between the rhythms of your heart and the rhythms of your brain.


YES ~ your heart has a brain. Your heart has intelligence ~ it doesn’t just “feel”, it “knows”.

It has been proven that your heart has over 40 thousand neurons that talk to your cognitive brain.

Your heart is the master coordinator of the rhythms in your body. It is a hormonal gland that produces just as much oxytocin and serotonin as the cognitive brain.

We’ve always been told that our cognitive brain tells our heart what to do ~ well apparently that is not true. Our hearts tell our brains what to do through blood pressure waves and electromagnetic fields.


At the Heart Institute www.heartmath.org  in California, Heart Math leaders, Howard Martin & Deborah Rozman are making discoveries on the how & why our hearts have brains.

The truth is your heart receives information first and then communicates it to your brain?

Your heart is a source of wisdom and connection.


This is Heart Coherence.