Being in Balance


Are you in Balance?


What is Balance?

The dictionary definition is: a mental or emotional steadiness; to bring in harmony or proportion.


How do you keep yourself In Balance? How do you sustain a mental or emotional steadiness? How do you maintain harmony in your life?


I love this quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer.

“The single most important tool to being in balance is knowing that you and you alone are responsible . . .”


Here is another great quote from the painter Thomas Kinkade:

“Balance, peace and joy are the fruits of a successful life.”


I believe having balance in my life is very important. Each day I give myself “me time” in the morning to do yoga mediation, spiritual reading and study. Taking time to ease into my day helps keep the rest of my day In Balance.


Reply to this blog and let me know how you keep balance in your life.