During the Fall and Christmas Holiday Seasons we do a lot of sharing.

This time of year is special and it makes me think of all the things we share:

  1. Meals together
  2. Time together
  3. Gifts
  4. Our homes with family and friends

It is a wonderful feeling to enjoy these activities with others who enjoy them as well.

I love to spend and share time with family and friends who we are not able to visit regularly. Making time to spend an afternoon or evening with them is very special.



Being grateful is very important.

Here are some great quotes:

~ Have an Attitude of Gratitude

~ Gratitude changes everything

~ I am grateful for all that I have. For all that I am, and for all that is.

~ Brené Brown says, “There is no JOY without gratitude.”


Gratitude has a high energetic vibrational frequency.

How do you practice gratitude?