Setting an Intention


September is a great time to set or re-set our Intentions.


What are Intentions and do you set them?

Firstly, what is an intention?

The dictionary definition is: mentally determining to carry out an action or actions in the future.


To me setting an intention is a very powerful.

Lynne McTaggart in her book, The Intention Experiment describes events where people come together in violent areas of the world to set an intention for peace with amazing results.

Now that’s powerful!


Dr. Wayne Dyer says: “Our Intention Creates Our Reality”.


Setting an intention is being clear and focused. “Energy Flows where Intention Goes”.

Setting an intention with myself daily keeps me focused on the positive aspects I want in my life.

For example one of my intentions is to live my life to the fullest ~ often that doesn’t come naturally. I need to set my focus on this intention.


For me that means being engaged in life; being curious about people and events; to really listen to those I interact with; being present in the moment.


Setting an intention is awesome ~ that’s the easy part. Putting the intention into action ~ that is where some work is required.

I believe the work is worth it. I live a very fulfilled life and it is due to setting clear intentions.


I love this quote: “Intention + Action = Magic”

I don’t know about you, but I do believe in Magic ~ I love having magical things happen in my life!


I’ll share with you the intention I set for my day ~ I say this every morning at the end of my morning yoga meditation ~ “I set the Intention that my day will flow with ease and grace, joy and peace, love and abundance.”

So why not try it ~ set an intention and have a magic in your life!