The Law of Attraction is a Science



The Law of Attraction is The Law of Vibration.


It is the Science of attracting more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.

For more than a hundred years, science has shown us that everything is energy.

Energy = Vibration. A very simple concept.

The Law of Vibration is working ALL the time whether we are consciously thinking of it or not. The vibration or vibe we give out is the vibe we get back.


Michael Losier who wrote the Law of Attraction handbook tells us that we need to be conscious of our WORDS which become our THOUGHTS. Our thoughts send out VIBES and depending on the type of vibe we send out ~ we get RESULTS.


The Law of Attraction vibration is a feeling ~  we need to stay excited about our thoughts ~ our words ~ our vibes ~ our results. For our best life!

A great sentence is: “I’m in the process of . . .”  This helps us keep our vibration high for the best results!


The Law of  Vibration is a Science!

The Law of Attraction works!