Do You Have Limiting Beliefs?



What are Limiting Beliefs?


Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold us back from being the best we can be.


We are raised with family beliefs and society dictates we should have certain beliefs.


When we become adults we should question if these beliefs still hold true for us.   

I know some of the beliefs I was raised with are not the beliefs I have now.

I’ll give you an example, my maternal grandmother, who I’m named after believed if people were wealthy, they were greedy and not nice people.

As an adult, I know lots of wonderful people who are wealthy and definitely not greedy, they give financially as well as their time to their communities.

That limiting belief does not fit with me anymore, so I changed it by incorporating a new belief and releasing the old belief. 


If you have found some beliefs that no longer fit for you, I offer individual sessions to take you through the process of changing the limiting belief ~ negative vibrational energy to the new belief ~ positive vibrational energy. This new belief is one you can embrace to serve you for a happier, healthier and more successful life. 


Let’s embrace our beliefs to be the Best we can Be!