Abundance in Your Life


What does Abundance meant to you?


Often times we think of abundance as money or wealth.

Abundance is so much more than a healthy bank account.


Actually Abundance is a Feeling

If you FEEL abundant ~ you will be abundant.


For me I feeling abundant is many things:

When I go for my beach walk. I’m fortunate to live just a few blocks from the beach and one of my ‘happy places’ is to walk by the water and see the beautiful view of the ocean, the sky, the sand, the logs washed up on to the beach and to smell the salty sea air.

~ I feel abundant in my lovely home, reading in the morning in front of the fireplace.

~ I feel abundant when I cook a healthy meal.

~ I feel abundant when I take time for my family.

~ I have a journal that I write in each week – all the ways I felt or observed abundance. There are many instances and when I look back over my week, I’m always amazed that so many opportunities to feel abundant have shown up.


I encourage you to keep a journal of your abundant happenings each week!